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For all our residential needs, the cost of electricity for utilization in house lighting, open areas, lifts, and Water pumps can be significantly reduced by using solar.

We at Renfra EnerGy, offering a complete solution for the roof top with a guarantee of 25 years of steady electricity generation.

All of the residential citizens and individual houses can achieve substantial savings on their electricity bills.
We provide assistance in banking formalities requirements as per your need.


Reliable supply of electricity is a basic requirement to provide interruption free education.
Our solar power provide significant savings in electricity bills, and also a green revolution to save our earth.
Installing solar panels will maintain an environment-friendly institute.


Our solar power solutions help industries reduce electricity bills and divert the funds to more productive avenues.
It reduces peak loading of the grid following to which the variable cost is also reduced.
Higher energy production. Solar panels receive maximum sun exposure, thus allowing you to generate more energy.