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IMS Certified Company

Quality of service is a very vital for an Organization. To ensure quality of the project, We produce QA/QC documents required at each activity, for close supervision and maintaining the necessary compliance for project records. These QA Plan documents show how the company defines, selects, implements and assure quality during Survey, Design, Procurement, Erection, Installation and Commissioning Process.

The QA Plan designates for the entire organization including the promoters, project managers, technical engineers, design engineer, structural developers, analysts, and other project teams involved.

Our committed quality assurance team individually interact with concern related to quality for all the products and services of ReNfra EnerGy.

Health & Safety Culture

As geographical connectivity of solar, wind and hydropower increases, the industry is continue to grow all over the world. Therefore, it’s essential to create a culture of safety so workers can stay healthy and happy even as their jobs become more demanding.

By establishing safety protocols, training programs and maintenance checklists we ReNfra EnerGy is prepared for a bright future that benefits people and the planet simultaneously.

We in ReNfra , prioritize and Ensure the SAFETY of complete Employees, workers and
other people engaged in construction, operation, maintenance of various projects.

Major Priority categories are

Electromagnetic Fields 

Arc flash & electric shock
Fire Hazards
Hazardous material

Other category is a job site safety

Lifting Safety 

Ladder Safety

Fall protection & Trip Safety
Power Tools Safety etc.
Always our work begins with preparing a complete safety and health policy to achieve zero accident goal, emergency-response plan, safety planning checklist, and job site Safe practices.


The clean energy movement is stronger now than ever before, and solar adoption
is a massive part of reducing the world’s carbon footprint and limiting our reliance
on fossil fuels.
Decreases greenhouse gas emissions
Lowers carbon footprint
Reducing air pollutant
Lower Energy costs