Why Renfra?

ReNfra EnerGy build a strong reliability with business in renewable energy sector and have their robust name in the market.

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When an amazing product or service that exactly meets customer core needs.

Solar Project is a great product for customers and ReNfra EnerGy does the best in the service to the customers in developing the Solar Projects. If customer buy something that helps them and/or provides a solution for their core challenges or desires, that often is all they need to buy it again or recommend in their circle.

‘ReNfra EnerGy’ brand that stands out in the industry.

ReNfra EnerGy is one magic bullet in the industry and that is one of the established strong brands among the Solar Project Developers in South Indian market. We have a strong powerful brand name and effective marketing team made us engaged in the industry and become much better

The ‘Competitive’ price among the competitors.

Sometimes customer mistake this for having the “lowest price.” But that’s not always the case and depending on the market you’re serving. In this scenario ReNfra EnerGy get to know about our customers really well and their expectation to survive in the competitive market. We offer a pricing perspective for the value that we provide. That’s a slightly different approach and is our strength.

A well-established company with well expertise Team.

Regardless of the industry, the most recommended thing in the businesses is to establish their authority or expertise in a particular industry. We ‘ReNfra EnerGy’ focus on this area as the primary narrative for our business with our well-versed Team.

A reputation for a great customer service.

As mentioned above, great customer service certainly plays a vital role in creating word-of-mouth about your business. This supports us to translate into repeat business orders from those customers we serve. This is because of being responsive to customer queries in a timely manner and obviously being nice to them in all situations


Customers relate to you and you’re reliable, they ultimately trust you to do
business with you, which is a huge factor in any buying decision. ReNfra EnerGy
build a strong reliability with business in renewable energy sector and have
their robust name in the market. This makes customer to get faith in us.


When we are customer friendly and flexible towards their needs, it will improve good bonding between us. This triggers in their minds you are continent for them and will always have preference among their choices.

Social and community values

The younger generations are choosing companies that make a difference among the competitors. ReNfra is an IMS certified company follows wellmaintained safety and CSR activities for environmental wellbeing. Our employees are our privilege and backbone of our company


ReNfra EnerGy using Advanced Scada System. which is a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system of software and hardware elements that enables the automation to allow industrial organizations like: Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations. monitor, gather, and process the real-time data.


Prevent Troubleshoot problems with quicker manner
Reduce plant Generation downtime
Reduce energy costs
Easily interface with SMB/SIB, Central Inverters, Transformer HT Panel, Auxiliary Panel’s and Weather Monitoring System
Control PV plant processes locally or remotely
Shorten response times
To operate the PV plant System from anywhere at any time
Easily Collect all generation and data analysing
Easily found the Exact PV-Module and String faults through SCADA


Crime Prevention
Reduce Security Costs
Deterring Vandalism
Provides Camera Footage for Evidence
Handling Disputes
Monitoring Staff
Visibility of Entire Business Premises
Enhance Customer Services
Reduce Insurance Claims and Premiums
Peace of Mind

Our future plan

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen energy plants hold promise as a potential clean and sustainable solution for electricity generation, transportation, and various industrial applications, contributing to a
lowcarbon future.

Battery storage system

Battery storage systems play a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency, reliability, and flexibility of solar power generation, making it a more viable and sustainable source of electricity.